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British businessman planned bombings in London - The Guardian

British businessman planned bombings in London - The Guardian A British businessman has been found guilty of planning bombings in London (photo: GettyImages)

British businessman Jonathan Nuttal has been found guilty of conspiring to place two explosive devices in London with the intent to intimidate National Crime Agency (NCA) staff, according to The Guardian.

It's noted that two NCA lawyers were involved in a money laundering case against Nuttall's wife, Amanda, with estimated damages of £1.4 million.

According to the investigation, the businessman instructed his driver, Michael Sowden, to find someone who could set up explosive devices and make threats near the buildings where the lawyers worked. The driver contacted former Royal Marine Michael Broddle, who then involved his sons, 18-year-old Charlie and 20-year-old Joshua.

On September 14, Broddle planted two explosive devices with smoke canisters - one of them was considered potentially dangerous, while the other was merely a dummy.

“These devices were left in both locations with a quite clear objective – to cause serious panic, thereby drawing significant attention. As you will hear, the objectives were accomplished: buildings were evacuated, roads cordoned off and a large number of police officers attended the scene,” the prosecution stated in court.

Both devices were accompanied by envelopes or packages containing threats to the lawyers.

The verdict on the three cases will be delivered later, according to the publication, while Broddle's sons were acquitted by the jury.

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