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Woman lost 50 kg: How did she do that?

Woman lost 50 kg: How did she do that? The woman knows how to lose weight so that it doesn't come back (Photo:

29-year-old American Megan Tjelle lost almost 50 kilograms in just one year. To achieve this, she gave up one of her habits. The woman constantly used food to cope with stress and found joy only in tasty dishes.

The American understood how to lose weight in the abdomen and the whole body without harming the stomach with diets, Newsweek said.

How the 29-year-old woman realized she needed to lose weight

The American obtained a medical education and began working in a hospital. She took night shifts and slept very little. Sometimes, she returned home at six in the morning, and instead of going to sleep, she would eat.

The woman always tried to find something tasty; she ordered fast food and loved everything fried. Food became her bad habit. One day, she saw herself in the mirror and realized it was time to lose weight.

The woman lost almost 50 kilograms after giving up one habit.

Woman lost 50 kg: How did she do that?

The woman began to gain weight and realized that it would only get worse (photo:

The secret of weight loss - why the woman managed to lose almost 50 kilograms

The woman said she gave up unhealthy food, which was challenging. But she did not allow her habit to defeat her. Then, she started going to the gym regularly.

At the same time, the woman did not overload her body with intense workouts. Instead, she walked on the treadmill, and only after a few months she began to add new options for physical activity.

"It took several months to see a difference. It required a lot of patience on my end as the changes were pretty minimal. That is why it is so important to stay consistent when trying to lose weight as you won't see the changes overnight," the woman said.

Woman lost 50 kg: How did she do that?

How the woman looks after losing weight (photo:

She gave up sweet drinks, started monitoring her diet, and regularly attended workouts. Eventually, the woman began to see results. Now, she says that she consumes much fewer calories than before.

Five tips for weight loss from Megan Tjelle

  • walk every day
  • don't forget about a healthy and full sleep
  • increase water intake
  • stick to the meal plan
  • eat in moderate amounts and maintain a calorie deficit.

The woman advises everyone to consult with professionals for more effective weight loss. Only experienced doctors and dietitians can create a nutrition plan for you.

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