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Blinken on Kharkiv region: Ukraine can definitely hold front line

Blinken on Kharkiv region: Ukraine can definitely hold front line Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State (photo: Getty Images)

Ukrainian defenders will be able to continue to hold the front line in the eastern part of the country, particularly in the Kharkiv region, states Antony Blinken, US Secretary of State.

The secretary of state was asked to comment on the situation in Kharkiv region and the possible increase in the number of Russian troops.

He noted that the many-month delay in the allocation of new funding to help Ukraine has been costly. But this week, the US announced a second package of military aid to Ukraine's defenders worth $400 million after a pause.

According to Blinken, both the US and Europe are doing everything possible to speed up the delivery of weapons to Ukraine.

“I'm convinced that Ukraine can effectively hold the line in the east, it can continue to press the advantages achieved for itself in the Black Sea, where it's getting as much out through the Black Sea, feeding the world as it did before the Russian re-invasion of Ukraine, as well as to hold Russian forces at risk, including in Crimea to make it more difficult for them to continue this aggression. We've been providing the systems to do that, but it's a challenging moment,” the Secretary of State emphasized.

He added that the United States, like the other 50 countries allied with Ukraine, “is not going anywhere.” The assistance will continue.

“And if Putin (Russian dictator Vladimir Putin - ed.) thinks he can outlast Ukraine, outlast its supporters, he's wrong,” the Secretary of State said.

Situation in the Kharkiv region

It is worth noting that for several days now, the Russian occupiers have been trying to advance in the north of the Kharkiv region. They want to break through the border.

Ukrainian defenders are actively destroying enemy equipment and manpower.

As the head of the Kharkiv Regional Military Administration, Oleh Syniehubov, said today, the number of settlements where battles with the Russian occupiers are taking place has increased.