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Bill Gates: AI progress could lead to three-day work week

Bill Gates: AI progress could lead to three-day work week Photo: Bill Gates makes statement about AI (Getty Images)

Bill Gates, billionaire and co-founder of Microsoft, expresses the opinion that with the progress of artificial intelligence (AI), humanity could transition to a three-day work week, reports The Economic Times.

According to Gates, a gradual transition, supported by adequate government measures, could lead to less manual labor in society.

"If you eventually get a society where you only have to work three days a week, that's probably OK," Gates noted.

The 68-year-old entrepreneur envisions a future in which artificial intelligence contributes to a more harmonious balance between work and personal life. In his view, society is capable of effectively managing the risks associated with the development and use of AI.

"The future of AI is not as grim as some people think or as rosy as others think. The risks are real, but I am optimistic that they can be managed,'" Bill Gates said.

During a 45-minute conversation, Gates emphasized the potential of artificial intelligence, portraying a future where machines will participate in tasks such as food production.

He also expressed enthusiasm about the possibility of machines increasing productivity in various sectors, including programming, testing, and healthcare.

"I don't think AI's impact will be as dramatic as the Industrial Revolution, but it certainly will be as big as the introduction of the PC. Word processing applications didn't do away with office work, but they changed it forever," stated Bill Gates in a previous interview.

Global reactions

Various public opinion polls have shown that many people fear being laid off or having their salaries reduced due to artificial intelligence. In the United States, 79% of surveyed workers reported being afraid that AI would lower their wages.

In March 2023, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak, and over a thousand experts signed an open letter calling for a suspension of advanced AI development for at least six months until common safety protocols are established.

Bill Gates refused to support such calls, stating that they "won't solve the problem," and AI will bring benefits to humanity.

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