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Belgium to allocate EUR 9 million for Ukraine's energy infrastructure

Belgium to allocate EUR 9 million for Ukraine's energy infrastructure Caroline Gennez, Minister of Development Cooperation of Belgium (
Author: Maria Kholina

Belgium has alllocated an additional €9 million to aid in the restoration of Ukraine's damaged energy infrastructure. This contribution forms part of a new package of support measures for Ukraine, according to Caroline Gennez, Belgium's Minister for Development Cooperation.

"Hundreds of thousands of people rely on these power stations for heating, cooking, and laundry," she said.

The funds will be directed to the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), specializing in economic development. The UNDP was the first to supply Ukraine with new generators following the onset of the conflict. Since then, it has established a system for rapid procurement of spare parts and the supply of new equipment to restore damaged and destroyed infrastructure.

"Ukraine's energy infrastructure is outdated and highly centralized, making it vulnerable to Russian missile attacks. That's why the UNDP is paying particular attention to resilient, decentralized energy sources such as solar panels, to ensure that the destruction of one facility does not result in immediate power outages for hundreds of thousands of people," Gennez said.

She added that through the UN, Belgium will assist in restoring energy infrastructure around the city of Kharkiv, which is currently under daily shelling by the Russian military.

"In conjunction with military support, this will help strengthen Ukraine's resilience," she said.

Belgium's aid to Ukraine

In 2024, Belgium has provided military assistance to Ukraine totaling over €611 million. Additionally, Ukraine has received humanitarian aid amounting to over €100 million.

Belgium is set to transfer F-16 fighter jets to Ukraine in 2024. It is stated that the funding for the fighter jet deliveries will come from revenues generated from frozen Russian assets, rather than from Belgian taxpayers.