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Astrologer reveals zodiac signs' money strategies

Astrologer reveals zodiac signs' money strategies Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

In Astrology, there is an important concept known as "compensation," which involves actions that individuals need to take to work on their negative aspects. In this case, we are discussing what needs to be done to open a financial flow.

Astrologer Olha Maslova, in an interview with RBC-Ukraine, explained how to determine in which astrological sign our second house is located, responsible for the financial flow, using our natal chart.

Instructions for using a natal chart
To understand which zodiac sign corresponds to your second house, you first need to open your natal chart. According to Olha, you can do this on any online service and find out which sign your second house is in.

The astrologer notes that in the natal chart, the second house is marked as House II.

What to do for the Zodiac signs to attract money

Astrologer reveals zodiac signs' money strategiesWhat the Zodiac signs need to do to attract money (photo: Freepik)


Take an active position in life. Always stand up for your desires and boundaries. Be sure to engage in sports.


Adorn yourself, your home, and your workspace. Make sure to save for your "financial cushion."


Make new acquaintances, be sociable. Engage in social activities and actively manage social networks.


Care for and nurture. Learn about your family's history.


Show generosity, give gifts, and study acting skills.


Create a cozy atmosphere at work and at home. Take care of pets. Lead a healthy lifestyle.


Show interest in fashion and culture. Visit theaters, museums, and exhibitions.


Study psychology, esoterics, and learn delegation.


Teach, educate, give advice, and share knowledge.


Study business and advancement topics. Learn how to manage and keep your promises.


Learn astrology and numerology. Manage social networks and make long-term plans.


Meditate, visualize, engage in charity, and take care of nature.

Olha points out that those who want to know the answers receive hints from the universe, possibly even randomly.