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Advice that you should never give to people

Advice that you should never give to people Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Amid all kinds of tragic events, people have often sought to help one another with words of encouragement. However, some advice may actually be detrimental, and it's important to be aware of this, according to Psychological Support.

Phrases to avoid

Psychologists advise steering clear of statements like "now's not the time to break down," "you need to tough it out," or "don't fall apart." Supposedly, during difficult times, expressing sorrow or suffering is ill-advised.

However, maintaining composure indefinitely is simply not feasible.

There are periods of tension and relaxation, constantly alternating. Rest should follow activity. This principle is crucial for mental well-being, as failing to adhere to it could result in heightened anxiety, panic attacks, insomnia, perpetual fatigue, apathy, or even depression.

Thus, even in challenging times, timely breaking down is crucial.

Create a comfortable space for yourself and allow negative emotions to surface:

  • Write down all feelings in a notebook.
  • Offer yourself compassion and empathy.
  • Listen to yourself, to what weighs on your mind.

What to remember

Experts say that this doesn't necessarily have to be done alone; in fact, it may be even better to do it with a close individual. The key is for you to feel safe.

It's also important not to forget about regular showers, tasty food, and healthy sleep. All of these are foundational for both physical and mental health.

Being an adult means taking responsibility.

Everyone is going through extremely tough times right now, so everyone needs strength. Therefore, there's no point in gritting your teeth and bearing it; allow yourself the occasional moment to break down.

Advice can harm

Unsolicited advice can come off as patronizing: you presume to know better than the other person and believe they're incapable of figuring things out on their own.

Such advice is often given by parents, incessantly reminding about how one should dress today or what not to forget to do. This only elicits anger and feelings of helplessness, hindering the person from learning to make decisions independently.

Moreover, sometimes a person can inflict pain on another because they frequently give directives without understanding the other's full life circumstances or even attempting to fully grasp the situation.