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About 70% of EU citizens support Ukraine aid and sanctions against Moscow

About 70% of EU citizens support Ukraine aid and sanctions against Moscow Support for Ukraine is approved by 70% of EU citizens (Getty Images)
Author: Maria Kholina

Economic sanctions against the Russian government, companies, and individuals are supported by 72% of EU citizens, and 70% agree with providing financial support to Ukraine, according to Eurobarometer.

In response to Russia's aggressive war against Ukraine, 87% of respondents agree with offering humanitarian aid to those affected by the war, and 83% support welcoming war refugees into the EU.

Approximately 60% endorse granting Ukraine EU candidate status and financing EU purchases and deliveries of military equipment to Ukraine.

Among recent crises, the Russian invasion of Ukraine has had the most significant impact on EU citizens' outlook on the future (42%), followed by the pandemic and other health crises (34%), and the economic and financial crisis (23%).

The war in Ukraine is seen as one of the two most critical issues facing the EU, with 35% of respondents identifying it as such, a 7 percentage point increase since last November. Other concerns include immigration (24%), international situation (22%), and inflation (19%).

Inflation remains the most frequently mentioned issue facing individual countries (38%), though this figure has decreased by 6 percentage points compared to the previous survey.

The Standard Eurobarometer was conducted from April 3 to 28, 2024, across the 27 EU member states, with 26,399 EU citizens interviewed in person.

Ukrainian refugees in Europe

According to the UN, as of mid-March 2024, there were 5.983 million Ukrainian refugees in Europe. The highest numbers were in Germany (1.140 million), Poland (957,000), and Czechia (381,000).

A KIIS (Kyiv International Institute of Sociology) survey indicates that most Ukrainian refugees in Germany, Poland, and Czechia (66%) are satisfied with their current living conditions in the host countries. However, no more than half plan to return to Ukraine.