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9 habits to increase your motivation

9 habits to increase your motivation These habits will help increase motivation (photo: Freepik)

Motivation is a necessary component for achieving career goals and accomplishing any task. While external factors can sometimes affect ambition, certain habits and actions can improve focus and increase motivation. Psychologist Oleksandra Kashtan on Instagram, discusses the habits that can boost motivation.

Why does motivation fade away

Though ambitions vary - for some it's the desire for strong and happy relationships, for others it's wealth, and for some, it's striking career success - the path to achieving their goal is somewhat similar, requiring time and effort.

It might seem that the dream itself is enough to stay motivated, but sometimes external circumstances, the pace of life, and the lack of quality rest not only affect mood but also overall well-being, leading to constant fatigue, repression, and slowing down on the path to success.

That's why it's important to take care of your emotional and physical state every day, not just when exhaustion sets in. As the psychologist notes, these 9 tips are not a magic pill that will instantly lead to success, but rather routine, regular actions that yield results in the future.

Habits to boost motivation

Early rising

While adequate sleep is essential for health, too many hours can be harmful. Early rising energizes and helps plan the day, leaving time for reflection, meditation, and unhurried preparations.

Reading books

Replacing an hour of scrolling through social media with reading interesting literature - fiction, biographical, ethnographic, or psychological - not only helps broaden one's horizons and enrich vocabulary but also improves focus and self-understanding.

Bookstores nowadays offer quality Ukrainian and foreign literature for every taste, and electronic editions are also available.

Simplifying skills, not complicating them

This seemingly simple skill requires long-term practice and effort but yields positive results - memory improves, there are fewer worries and anxieties in life, unnecessary things are eliminated. The clearer the tasks, the clearer how to achieve them, leaving more emotional resources.

Slowing down

Living in constant chaotic rush and stress is impossible. According to the psychologist, it's important to set aside time for rest and reflection - take breaks, listen to yourself, your needs, and what matters.

Slowing down helps calm down and focus. This way, priorities can be clearly set, tasks planned, and time found for other things.

Physical exercises

Regular physical activity preserves not only physical fitness but also significantly affects psychological well-being. It's not necessary to go to the gym - you can jog in the nearest park, take long walks, or even do exercises at home.

However, it's advisable to consult a doctor regarding physical activity according to your condition.

Daily practice of skills

No matter what you want to master - programming, music, a foreign language, cooking, medicine - regularity of training is necessary. It's better to practice a little, even for 15-30 minutes, every day than to engage in several hours irregularly.

Choosing a positive environment

According to Alexandra, it's worth surrounding yourself with positive, energetic people who genuinely believe in you. Firstly, their example will subconsciously inspire a desire to grow and develop. Secondly, such acquaintances can share their experience and support in times of doubt.

Keeping a gratitude journal

It's a great idea to focus on the good things - keep a notebook for recording pleasant events of the day and what you are grateful for. This will lift your spirits - and positive emotions, as it's known, are beneficial for the body.

Maintaining perseverance

To achieve a goal, it's necessary to maintain belief in one's own abilities and remember that the greatest inventions of humanity and world masterpieces weren't created in an hour, a day, or even a year.

Perhaps, at times, it will be difficult, and there will be a desire to abandon dreams, but the main thing is to continue your business and make efforts.

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