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8 signs that you definitely don't need new relationships

8 signs that you definitely don't need new relationships When it's not worth starting new relationships (photo:

Sometimes, a woman may struggle to understand whether she should start new relationships. Painful breakups from the past, resentment towards the ex, and insecurities – all of these can hinder your ability to move forward.

How to understand that you're not ready to start new relationships yet, according to Your Tango.

You always choose the wrong person. If your compass is broken and consistently leads you to relationships with men who are not suitable for you at all, forcing yourself into another romance is definitely not worth it. Perhaps subconsciously, you choose the wrong partners because you don't want relationships. When this is the case, your "compass" will always lead you to men who are not suitable for you.

You cannot be happy without a man. If you feel incomplete when you don't have a partner and constantly try to find someone, you should stop. First, you should learn to be happy without a man; only then can you build mature and healthy relationships.

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How to understand that a relationship is doomed to fail (photo:

You want to save the man who is with you. Some women suffer from the so-called savior complex. If you consciously enter into a relationship where you have to solve everything, you should reflect on why this is happening. Perhaps you need to work on your issues first before starting a new romance.

You need someone who will save you. Sometimes it's the other way around, and a woman seeks a man who will solve all her problems. Think about why you don't believe in your own abilities and try to shift responsibility onto others. You definitely shouldn't start a relationship until you've sorted out everything within yourself.

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You're looking for someone to complete you. If you don't consider yourself a whole person, trying to solve this problem through relationships is not the right approach. First, you need to understand why you don't respect yourself.

You devote more time to relationships than to your interests. If a man and the romance with him are the only things that interest you, it's not healthy. Smothering your partner with your attention can lead to a breakup. That's why before starting a relationship, you should find something that interests you, and it definitely shouldn't be just dates.

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When not to start new relationships (photo:

You haven't worked through old traumas. When a woman starts new relationships but still dwells on negativity from the past, her romance is doomed. You shouldn't seek a partner if you're still upset about your ex. First, you need to let go of the past.

You're willing to do anything for a new partner. If you really like a man and, for his sake, you start lying, trying to be convenient and perfect, then these relationships are not meant to be happy. Start loving and accepting yourself; there's no need to change and pretend to be someone else.