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8 mistakes that don't let you get proper rest on weekends

8 mistakes that don't let you get proper rest on weekends Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Saturday and Sunday fly by unnoticed, and you feel like you haven't really rested. The reason for this is improper time management and the inability to switch off and relax, according to Women on Topp.

Trying to tackle all tasks at once

The most common mistake is taking on too much. When the weekend arrives, it's very easy to get carried away and try to tackle all tasks in just two days. Such a workload not only prevents the body from resting but also increases stress due to all the planned tasks that need to be completed by Monday.

Consider reducing your plans or delegating a couple of tasks to your family so you don't feel overwhelmed.

Bringing work home or making up for unfinished tasks

This habit blurs the line between professional and personal life. Studies show that to reduce stress and prevent burnout, it's essential to refrain from work-related activities during leisure time.

When Friday evening comes, muster the courage to turn off notifications from work chats and email. Allocate time to check messages and emails, and make it no more than one hour per day and not before bedtime. This way you won't be glued to gadgets and can fully relax.

Loud parties and alcohol

Many mistakenly believe that socializing with friends is an indispensable part of weekend rest. However, it can be as stressful as overworking.

Meet up with friends for a cup of coffee or lunch on weekdays, and avoid hosting late-night parties on weekends. Calmer forms of socializing allow your body and mind to have enough time to relax without creating additional stress from overly lively activities.


This is the most common trap people fall into when they spend weekends with friends or have no plans at all in their free time. Of course, indulging in something tasty occasionally is fine, but it's better to avoid overeating. By the way, consuming a large amount of sweets before bedtime can lead to insomnia.

Try not to change your eating habits too much on weekends, and avoid overeating while sitting in front of the TV or computer screen. Make sure that what you eat and drink makes sense for both your health and emotional well-being. Eat consciously.

Social media obsession

There's always something to do on the internet. Memes, funny short cat videos, others' social media pages – and a few hours pass unnoticed. Then realization hits about how aimlessly you spent half of your weekend while your friends post happy photos.

Stop comparing yourself to others and don't linger on your phone during weekends. Allow your eyes and brain to fully relax.

Inability to switch off

Constant thoughts about weekday events and replaying them cause significant fatigue and anxiety. Don't start thinking about work on Sunday, as it will surely not help you relax.

Switch your thoughts to something else: books, cheerful music, your favorite hobby. Anything emotionally safe instantly relaxes the body and mind.

Binge-watching series until late at night

Lack of regulated sleep on weekends is another crucial mistake that hinders relaxation. The temptation to watch your favorite series until late at night is strong, but if you want to rest well, you'll have to overcome it.

Don't disrupt your sleep schedule on weekends. Go to bed at your usual time and wake up roughly the same as on weekdays. If you shift your sleep on Friday and Saturday, your body will adjust the sleep hours on Sunday, and you'll wake up feeling tired on Monday.

Lack of physical activity

Physical exercises are essential for good health, but finding motivation to go to the gym on weekends can be challenging.

Try to find interesting ways to stay active. Sign up for dance or swimming classes. At the very least, take a longer walk on weekends.

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