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7 types of recreation everyone needs: Plan your rest in 2024

7 types of recreation everyone needs: Plan your rest in 2024 The doctor named 7 types of rest that every person needs (photo: Getty Images)

When discussing vacations, we often envision a trip to the sea, mountains, or days in the countryside surrounded by forests, away from our usual work. However, merely changing the scenery in front of your eyes is not enough to ensure quality rest. There are other types of recreation that everyone needs, says neurologist Hanna Cherednychenko.

Creative recreation

If you feel a lack of ideas or inspiration and experience a creative "block," immerse yourself in the creativity of others. Visit museums, exhibitions, galleries, delve into the world of books, attend the theater, or go to the cinema. Engage in creative activities for fun, such as painting, pottery, or playing instruments. Spend time in nature to breathe in fresh air.

Emotional rest

When filled with negative emotions, aggression, and irritability, it is time to reassess your boundaries.

  • Say no to toxic relationships and requests that are against your best interests
  • Keep an emotional journal to understand the causes of negativity
  • Consider signing up for psychotherapy

Sensory rest

Constant phone notifications, calls, ambient noises, bright lights, traffic, and even other people's conversations lead to our sensory overload.

  • Put your phone on silent when you sleep between 22:00 and 07:00
  • Reduce the time spent watching news and Instagram feeds to an hour per day
  • Turn off the Internet for the weekend

Spiritual rest

Take time to connect with your inner self and find meaning in your life by:

  • Meditation and breathing exercises
  • Prayers and going to church
  • Volunteering and helping others

Social recreation

This means taking a break from social interactions and communication:

  • Spend time alone in your room or schedule a date with yourself
  • Take a silent break for at least an hour
  • Arrange a candlelit dinner or an aromatic bath with music or a movie for yourself or your loved one

Mental rest

  • Turn off your mind for a few minutes
  • Free up space in your brain by writing down your thoughts in a notebook or journal
  • Write in the schedule the practice of "an hour of conscious walking" - a walk without a phone alone
  • Meditate

Physical rest

Take care of your body in the following way:

  • sleep for 8 hours

  • training at least 3 times a week

  • get massage and spa

  • make body care rituals

  • sign up for a dance

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