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7 things that bring bad luck: Never keep them at home

7 things that bring bad luck: Never keep them at home Things that bring bad luck (collage by RBC-Ukraine)

Could something you placed in your home bring bad luck, relationship problems, or even death? Superstitions from around the world, some dating back thousands of years, warn us to keep various unlucky objects away from our homes.

Broken clock

Since clocks mark the passage of time, they have long been associated with human mortality. In the Victorian era, clocks were stopped when someone in the household died, so it's no surprise that a clock that suddenly stops working is a bad luck charm.

There is an even scarier belief that if a broken clock suddenly starts to run, it is a sign that death is near.

Inanimate decor

Whether it's a vase with shriveled cut flowers or a stuffed moose head, dead things in the house can bring bad luck.

This connection between decomposing objects and human mortality is glorified in the rich history of vanitas artwork, in which skulls, rotting fruit, and extinguished candles symbolize the transience of human life.

However, not everything is so clear-cut: feng shui claims that certain shells, if placed correctly, can attract good luck.

7 things that bring bad luck: Never keep them at home

A stuffed animal can bring bad luck (photo: Getty Images)

Old broom

If you're moving to a new home, don't take the broom you used to use with you. There is a widespread superstition around the world that an old broom can "sweep away" good luck.

This warning may be rooted in common sense, as using old cleaning tools in your new home can bring in pests and dirt from your previous residence.

Rocking chair

Irish legends say that an empty rocking chair invites evil spirits into your home.

And if the chair is rocking by itself, it signifies danger: the evil spirits are already here, and death may be waiting for you.

7 things that bring bad luck: Never keep them at home

Rocking chairs can bring bad luck (photo: Freepik)


They may be cute, trendy, and great for interior decoration, but superstition says that thorny plants are among the things that bring bad luck and can lead to disorder in your home.

To bring in positive energy and improve your family's well-being and health, choose large green plants or lucky bamboo instead of a cactus.

Peacock feathers

No matter how beautiful peacock feathers are, in many Western countries they are a symbol of bad luck.

Perhaps the "eyes" on the peacock's feathers evoke fear of the evil eye, or its bright plumage and love of insects make many people see it as something devilish.

However, if you are determined to keep these gem-colored feathers at home, don't be sad: in Eastern cultures, peacocks are symbols of good luck.

7 things that bring bad luck: Never keep them at home

Do peacock feathers really bring bad luck (photo: Freepik)

Cracked or chipped kitchenware

According to popular beliefs, dishes are a symbol of wealth and prosperity, and a chipped plate or cracked bowl brings negative energy into the house. To keep your luck, throw away broken and cracked dishes immediately.

Superstition also advises getting rid of broken furniture and other damaged household items. Such things can be a sign that your home (and soul) is in disarray and needs to be cleaned up.

7 things that bring bad luck: Never keep them at homeCracked dishes attract bad luck (photo: Freepik)