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7 phrases from childhood that lower self-esteem and worsen emotional state

7 phrases from childhood that lower self-esteem and worsen emotional state Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

In childhood, many heard phrases from parents that harmed their self-esteem and worsened their emotional state. However, even nowadays, modern parents may make the same mistakes and harm their children, according to the How are you psychological community on Instagram.

Psychologists say that self-worth should not be dependent on others' opinions. Feeling ashamed of oneself due to the fear of not being liked by someone else is senseless.

It's important to remember that not all the values instilled by parents and relatives during childhood are correct.

In any situation, it's crucial to listen to oneself and prioritize personal needs.

Experts have also identified a list of phrases that everyone heard from adults in childhood but turned out to be erroneous.

What can people think of you?

In truth, what other people say about you shouldn't influence your life or self-esteem.

This is something parents often tell everyone in childhood, but it's not right. It affects a child's future.

Be more modest

Psychologists suggest not being afraid of your aspirations or limiting your ambitions. If you enjoy doing something and it brings you pleasure, it's not worth restricting yourself or worrying about what others might say.

Don't just think about yourself

It's essential to remember that you are the most valuable person in your own life. Prioritizing your own desires is entirely normal.

Don't stand out

You can express yourself in any way that doesn't violate the law or others' personal boundaries.

Be yourself and don't care what others say. Don't be afraid to show your individuality; you are not obliged to be like others.

That's good, but it can be better

Every person deserves praise, support without comparisons, and appreciation for their achievements. It's essential to support someone in their endeavors to motivate them to reach greater heights.

To get angry - is bad

There are no bad emotions. Psychologists advise not to deny oneself the experience of every emotion in life.

Don't bother someone who's already feeling bad

Supporting someone when they're feeling low is about showing humanity and attempting to help, not adding to their distress.