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6 ways to update wardrobe without buying anything

6 ways to update wardrobe without buying anything Illustrative photo (Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

Before the start of each season, there's always a desire to add something new and fresh to your wardrobe. However, your wallet might like the idea of extra spending. Don't despair though, as there are several creative tricks that can help you refresh your wardrobe without making any purchases, citing Ukr.Media.

Bright accents

Adding bright accessories to basic outfits can make your look more expressive and memorable. Think vibrant shoes, sandals, bags, jackets, scarves, kerchiefs, belts, and jewelry. All these, combined with ordinary clothes, will give your look a completely different vibe.

Breathing new life into old clothes

Don't rush to discard your beloved items that might seem a bit boring now. With a little creativity, you can transform them into something new and original. Appliqués, embroidery, beads, lace, acrylic paints—whatever you fancy. Another option is to alter them. This not only extends the life cycle of your clothes but also gives them a unique style.

Wardrobe essentials

It's essential to have a basic wardrobe that you can easily mix and match with various accessories to create different looks. This significantly saves time and money, as basic items remain in style for a long time.

Buy what you can wear now

Put aside the idea of buying things "for later," especially if they depend on changes in your body. It's better to spend money on what you can wear now to look stylish and confident.

Don't wait until you lose those 3-5 kg, better buy comfortable jeans for right now.

Dress crossing

This new trend has won the hearts of fashionistas worldwide. It involves exchanging quality items that you no longer need with friends or a community. This way, you can get rid of the excess and acquire something new for yourself. This method not only helps you refresh your wardrobe but also allows you to spend time with like-minded people.


Don't forget about the magic of accessories. They can transform any outfit. A silk scarf can be used as a belt or tied to a bag. A necklace can be wrapped around your wrist instead of a bracelet. Add bright jewelry to a simple dark dress, and your entire look changes completely.