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6 signs of a toxic person that you definitely shouldn't ignore in relationships

6 signs of a toxic person that you definitely shouldn't ignore in relationships How to recognize a toxic person (photo:

Author Lillian Glass, who has released a book on toxic behavior, has identified six key signs that should not be ignored in relationships. These indicators can help determine whether your partner harbors thoughts of manipulation and deceit, according to Your Tango.

His words are too good to be true. If a man sweeps you off your feet with compliments and only says what you want to hear, it's a bad sign. You can easily tell when a person lacks moderation. When a partner tries to manipulate you with flattering words, don't trust him.

He tells you he's a bad guy or almost drowned in debt. When a man hides nothing, he immediately hints that he doesn't want to change. Don't try to convince him otherwise, just believe it. Such people don't want to strive for anything and will justify themselves with their own troubled lives.

He does or says things that bother you. When you notice that your partner allows himself to make strange comments, don't be afraid to ask what he meant. You may be surprised when you start digging deeper.

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Signs of a toxic man (photo:

He demonstrates strange speech patterns. If a man says something offensive and then adds, I'm just joking, it's a red flag. Similarly, pay attention and reflect if your partner can't immediately answer questions and stalls for time; he might be buying a few seconds to come up with the most convenient answer.

You want to fix or save him. Don't think that toxic men choose weak and insecure women. If you are beautiful, talented, and self-assured, he will try to break you and will never compliment you. And you may react to such provocations by wanting to change your partner for the better.

Your appearance has changed. When you are around a toxic person, you gradually 'fade.' Look at yourself in the mirror. If you've become someone else and don't like what you see, it's important to analyze everything.