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5 useful tips to prevent rust on your car in winter

5 useful tips to prevent rust on your car in winter What to do to prevent rust on your car (photo: Freepik)

Corrosion of the car body is almost like a death sentence for vehicles. It's simpler to prevent this problem than to deal with it afterward. Rust most often appears in cold weather when there is increased humidity and dirt and snow constantly accumulate on the underside of the car.

How to avoid rust on your car, according to AutoZone.

Regularly wash the undercarriage

In winter, roads are salted, and the salt can get into various nooks and crannies of the car, potentially causing damage. That's why experts recommend cleaning your car, especially the undercarriage, at least once every two weeks at a car wash, as this helps to wash the salt off the car's underside.

Typically, rust starts when salty water and dirt get into areas that are not usually washed or cannot fully dry.

Apply wax

Experienced drivers emphasize that waxing your car protects it from ultraviolet rays in the summer and prevents corrosion in the winter. It's recommended to apply wax every three months during the cold season.

Clear snow and dirt from your car

If you can't take your car to the car wash for some time, at least regularly clear snow, dirt, and salt residue from your car, as they often freeze on the vehicle.

Keep the underside of the car clean

It's worth regularly inspecting the underside of the car. There are special products that can be used to care for it to prevent corrosion. A special liquid is sprayed onto the underside, which has a semi-permanent wax coating that resists water and salt.

Before the onset of winter, drivers should spray the frame or subframe, inner edges of the fenders, or any other area where salt can get. Remember that cracks are the worst at trapping salty water. Inspect them carefully and spray the liquid. If you haven't had a chance to do this before the season starts, do it as soon as possible.

Inspect the interior of the car

In winter, salt from snow can also make its way into the car's interior. If you don't clean the floor mats, it can lead to corrosion on the floor. That's why it's best to use rubber mats in winter, which prevent moisture from seeping into the floor. It's also important to regularly clean them from sand, mud, and dirt, and ideally not leave the mats damp.