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5 reasons not to sleep in socks at night: Side effects

5 reasons not to sleep in socks at night: Side effects Why you shouldn't sleep in socks (photo:

In cold days, we try to provide comfort and warmth to our body. Many people even try to use extra socks on their feet even under a warm blanket. But such a habit can leave you uncomfortable at night, and it's worth getting rid of it.

What are the 5 important reasons to stop wearing socks while sleeping, according to Health Shots.

Why you shouldn't sleep in socks

Elevated blood pressure

Wearing socks while sleeping can improve circulation, but the opposite can also happen. Blood flow may decrease if you wear socks for an extended period of time.


Sleeping in socks can lead to worsened foot hygiene. If your socks are too tight or if you don't change them regularly and wash them, your feet won't be able to breathe properly.

Risk of skin infections

Wearing socks made of nylon or other materials that are not suitable for the skin can increase the risk of infection with prolonged wear. It's important to choose socks made from fabric that is skin-friendly, such as cotton. Additionally, socks should be changed and laundered regularly.

Increased body temperature

Carefully select your socks for home use, as they can contribute to overheating the body. If the fabric poorly allows air circulation and excessively heats the feet, it may lead to an elevated body temperature.

No rest

Tight socks or those made from inappropriate fabric that are too warm can lead to discomfort during sleep. They may cause restlessness, which can negatively impact the quality of your sleep.

How to warm up your feet

"If you have sensitive skin, it's advisable to consult a doctor about whether you should wear socks at night or not. They can cause irritation," said Dr. Pritam Mun, a consultant physician at Vokhard Hospital.

He listed some accessible methods to quickly warm your feet before bedtime:

  • Massaging your feet with warm oil.
  • Washing your feet with warm water and immediately wrapping them in a blanket.
  • Using a hot water bottle and removing it as soon as your feet warm up.
  • Wearing very warm socks an hour before bedtime and removing them just before sleep.

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