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5 phrases that can damage relationships when said to men

5 phrases that can damage relationships when said to men Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Men sometimes can't bear certain phrases their partners say. These words can be terrifying for them as they touch upon male pride. Sometimes, partners don't even realize how certain words, said unintentionally, can hurt their loved one, according to a post by psychologist Dmytro Karpachov on Instagram.

You're not a man!

According to an expert, these words are not an attempt to insult but a real "moral destruction." After such words, a man feels a strong desire to break off the relationship.

A psychologist says that for some men, one such phrase is enough, while others boil over after the tenth one.

In particular, this formulation is highly offensive to individuals.

What were you thinking?

At first glance, innocent but very offensive to men. He always reasons ahead, draws conclusions. Therefore, accusing him of not thinking touches a nerve with its injustice.

Karpachov notes that it's essentially an accusation of being unable to make the right decision.

So, phrases like these negatively impact relationships.

You still won't be able to

This is worse than accusing a man of not being able or not wanting to. Such a phrase resembles a challenge, a hidden manipulation, and it probably won't work as intended.

However, if the challenge is accepted, the insult is likely to be remembered for a long time.

It's worth remembering that a man expects support and inspiration from his partner. In this phrase, remove the word "not." Then the confidence that everything will work out will be beneficial for both of you.

Where have you been going?

An expert says that this way of control by the female gender can be perceived as an attempt to capture territory and become dominant in the relationship.

Prove that you love me

A man who genuinely loves his partner regularly shows and proves his feelings through actions.

Help in household chores, compliments, calling a few times a day - for men, these are almost equivalent to a declaration of love.

Dmytro Karpachov adds that if all this is absent, forcing someone to respond correctly is pointless. This won't make a man love you more, and it might even have the opposite effect.