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5 most stylish long-haired dog breeds

5 most stylish long-haired dog breeds Most stylish long-haired dog breeds (photo: Freepik)

Long-haired dog breeds are striking in their diversity, from the elegant collie to the agile greyhound. Some require constant care and frequent grooming, while others are virtually hassle-free and may even be hypoallergenic.

RBC-Ukraine has compiled a list of the 5 most stylish dogs with long hair that can be great companions.

Types of long hair in dogs

When it comes to long hair in dogs, there are several types:

  • Silky: shiny and smooth, it can be single or double layered.
  • Double: with a soft, fluffy undercoat and a long, thick outer layer.
  • Curly (wavy): can be tightly curled, slightly wavy, and often hypoallergenic.
  • Wire: more rigid, resembles hair, not fur.

Some people consider any wool that is longer than the short wool of a Labrador Retriever to be long, while others believe that long wool is something like Rapunzel's locks. In general, a coat that is longer than 5 centimeters is considered long.

Afghan hound

  • height 65-70 cm
  • weight 22-27 kg
  • independent and proud character
  • activity level ranges from moderate to high
  • low shedding factor
  • life expectancy is 12-18 years

Afghan hound puppies have short, curly hair that turns into long, silky strands with age.

The American Kennel Club warns that it is important to never brush these dogs' dry coats. Use a spray bottle of water mixed with dog conditioner before brushing daily, or bathe your dog several times a week before grooming.

If you are planning to get such a pet, it is worth contacting a trusted breeder for recommendations on choosing a dog. It is also better to read about the breed and its characteristics in advance and even prepare questions for the breeder.

5 most stylish long-haired dog breeds

Afghan hound (photo: Wikipedia)

Barbet (French water dog)

  • height 48-65 cm
  • weight 16-30 kg
  • cheerful and restless character
  • moderate level of activity
  • not prone to allergies and does not shed
  • life expectancy is 12-14 years

This dog has a thick, long, and wavy coat. The American Kennel Club recommends brushing this breed's coat more often to avoid tangles.

The Barbet's coat can be trimmed to a length of 8-12 cm when straightened. To make the curls curl after the haircut as they were before, you should gently moisten them with water.

5 most stylish long-haired dog breeds

Barbets at the international dog show in Katowice (photo: Wikipedia)


height 56-70 cm
weight 25-45 kg
sweet temperament, with protective instincts
high level of activity
low level of shedding
life expectancy is 10-12 years
This is a French Shepherd Dog with a rather long, wavy, and slightly coarse coat. According to the Kennel Club of America, it takes at least two hours a week to groom this pet.

Despite the fact that this breed of dog does not shed much, and their coat does not accumulate a lot of dirt, it is still necessary to monitor the dog's appearance. In addition, it is worth setting aside daily time for teeth brushing and grooming.

5 most stylish long-haired dog breeds

French shepherd dog Briard (photo: Wikipedia)

Bergamot sheepdog

  • height 56-61 cm
  • weight 26-38 kg
  • mild temperament, yet independent
  • low level of activity
  • practically does not shed
  • life expectancy is 13-15 years

The Bergamasco is a calm sheepdog breed bred to survive in the harsh conditions of the Italian Alps. Thanks to its coat, the dog can regulate its body temperature depending on weather conditions. Therefore, such pets should never be cut short, let alone shaved.

Bergamot Shepherds have three types of hair: dog hair, goat hair, and woolen hair. When the goat and wool coat appears (about one year old), you will need to manually separate the coat into “curls” that look like regular dreadlocks.

Then you will only have to maintain the dog's appearance as the coat grows.

5 most stylish long-haired dog breeds

Bergamasco, an Italian shepherd dog breed (photo: Wikipedia)

Rough collie

  • height 56-66 cm
  • weight 22-34 kg
  • athletic and active, loyal character
  • activity level ranges from moderate to high
  • seasonal shedding is present
  • life expectancy is 12-14 years

The Rough Collie is a shepherd breed developed in Great Britain.

Even in the modern world, some types of collie continue to be used for herding cattle and sheep. Others are more domesticated and are kept as companions.

Although they do not shed, the change of seasons will fill your home with more hair than you are used to. You'll need to brush this pet about once a week.

5 most stylish long-haired dog breedsLong-haired collie of different colors, from left to right: blue merle, sable, tricolor

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