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4 suprising major myths about self-development

4 suprising major myths about self-development Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

There have been various opinions and myths circulating around the topic of self-development for years. Different stories of conditional success and advertisements for courses often manipulate us.

The psychological portal on Instagram called Purport discusses the main myths about self-development.

Myths about self-development

Self-development is a complex topic that can either uplift one's spirit and desire to do more or, conversely, suppress the urge and attempts to become better. This is influenced by myths that are widespread, especially in the online space, where there's plenty of advertising, pseudo-success stories, and unrealistic tales about self-improvement.

Myth one

You need to pay to engage in self-development

There's an endless amount of absolutely free information available. You can access it without spending a penny. A lack of funds shouldn't hinder your path to self-improvement.

Myth two

Everyone should engage in self-development

Many people feel societal pressure regarding self-improvement. However, it's an individual process that should meet the needs and desires of each person. It can only be effective when rooted in personal interests or goals. Simply following popular trends can pose risks, disappointment, and time loss.

Myth three

I can grow by simply copying successful people

What works for one person might not make sense for another. It's essential to identify your strengths, weaknesses, and interests. Develop skills that suit you specifically and don't be afraid to forge your own path.

Myth four

Self-improvement is all about positive thinking

While the power of positive thinking cannot be denied, some people overestimate what they can gain from it. Positive thinking leads to real change only when accompanied by action.