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4 signs to indicate that you are dealing with a pathological liar

4 signs to indicate that you are dealing with a pathological liar How to recognize a liar (photo: Freepik)

A significant portion of people perceive lying as a trivial matter. Of course, everyone tells an occasional untruth, but some individuals are prone to inventing various stories, leading to serious consequences, and sometimes even legal problems. In the most complex cases, it can even be large-scale fraud.

However, there are several signs that can help identify a pathological liar in a timely manner and avoid becoming their victim.

What behavior characterizes a pathological liar, according to the Center for Development and Psychology Kyivdvoryk.

How to recognize a pathological liar

"Pathological liars are not some imaginary monsters, but entirely real people who, unfortunately, cannot deal with their inner demons. Where does such behavior come from? This is a topic for a separate post. Today, we will tell you how to recognize such a person based on specific signs so that you can keep a safe distance," write the experts.

According to them, such individuals often enter the public space and easily gain popularity due to their charisma.

"So, don't forget to filter everything you hear from famous people," emphasize the experts.

The first sign

With a pathological liar, there are constantly unrealistic and highly dramatic events happening. In these stories, they are the main character who either suffered or saved everyone. The narrative is embellished with a large number of details.

The second sign
These stories may contain elements of truth, but there's one detail... they happened to someone else. Pathological liars are inclined to appropriate other people's narratives if they can evoke strong emotions in the listener.

The third sign

If you catch such a person in inconsistencies during a conversation, they will aggressively defend themselves and make excuses until you end the argument. However, they won't be able to provide any clear answers to your questions.

The fourth sign

A pathological liar invents stories and embellishes reality, even when there is no sense in doing so. They simply can't resist the inner urge to do it. That's why it's easy to notice discrepancies between their words and actions in everyday life or in friendships.