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4 qualities of mentally strong people: Check yourself

4 qualities of mentally strong people: Check yourself Illustrative photo (Photo: Freepik)
Author: Daria Shekina

Mentally strong or resilient individuals are often described as those who achieve great feats despite significant challenges. Yet, we rarely speak of ourselves in that light, thinking we lack self-assurance or due to our imperfections. RBC-Ukraine, based on Psychologies, discusses the qualities of mentally strong individuals.

Psychological resilience manifests in various forms. When we are observant and know where to direct our attention and energy, we can see important qualities in ourselves and others.

Psychology professor Steven C. Hayes identified four major qualities of mentally strong individuals.

You're open to new possibilities

Mentally strong people don't confine themselves to one way of life. They're rarely limited by preconceived notions of how to think, feel, act, who to be, what to focus on, or what should concern them.

Instead of rigidly sticking to self-imposed rules, mentally strong individuals are more open and free to choose, and more likely to explore new opportunities. They can entertain different thoughts simultaneously and don't necessarily adhere to the one that seems most natural, allowing them to access a wider range of experiences, pleasant or not.

You choose what works

Mentally strong people not only are open to new opportunities but are more likely to select what works. This might seem simple, but it involves several intricacies.

Firstly, knowing your goals, be they immediate or deeper values, is crucial. Having a clear direction helps determine what primarily constitutes "functioning well."

Additionally, it demands a level of self-awareness to evaluate whether you're genuinely moving toward your goals or deceiving yourself. Thus, having a reliable feedback system is vital for effective improvement, whether it's a friend, an app, or a mental health professional.

You develop good habits

If you've ever read personal development articles, you likely know this. Yes, it's a cliché, but it holds weight. Becoming mentally strong isn't an overnight thing; it's a constant pursuit. You must consistently act to progress toward your self-imposed goals.

Emphasizing the word "consistently" is crucial because one-off actions rarely have a long-term impact. Only by transforming successful actions into actual habits will you gain the momentum necessary to enhance your mental abilities and overall life. Be mindful not to fixate solely on the desired end result but on acquiring a pattern.

You adapt to circumstances

Ultimately, mentally strong individuals easily adapt to circumstances. They don't wait for ideal conditions to act or insist on their efforts, disregarding minimal feedback. Instead, they are more resourceful.

They can accurately assess the demands of the context and their own capabilities, adjusting their actions and expectations accordingly. Therefore, they manage to sustain their goals at an achievable level considering current internal and external circumstances.

They know that a wise choice in one context may turn out catastrophic in another, and vice versa. Simple and straightforward answers are rare. What you perceive as "right" mostly depends on circumstances. Mentally strong individuals acknowledge this dilemma and adapt repeatedly.