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30-30-30: New weight loss trend goes viral and here's why

30-30-30: New weight loss trend goes viral and here's why Losing weight is often a challenge (photo:

In the world, a new weight loss method called 30-30-30 has become very popular. Its advantages lie in the fact that it helps to lose weight quickly, and blood sugar levels decrease, reports Today.

What the new weight loss method involves

The method involves a person consuming 30 grams of protein within 30 minutes after waking up, just before completing a 30-minute low-intensity workout.

This coincides with the results of a new study that showed a two-hour interval between 7 and 9 in the morning is the ideal time for exercising to lose weight.

The author of the 30-30-30 method is Tim Ferriss, who wrote the book "The 4-Hour Body."

Mayo Clinic dietitian Schmidt is not very satisfied with this method and recommends adding to breakfast, in addition to protein, other products such as fiber-rich fruits, vegetables, and even carbohydrates.

This does not mean that the 30-30-30 rule has no advantages, especially if it helps a person become more active.

"If you’re not doing any exercise and now you’re doing 30 minutes a day of low-intensity cardio, that’s better than nothing," said dietitian Jason Machowsky.

"This method doesn't seem harmful, but it's not universal," he added, noting that for weight loss, one should simply focus on the number of calories burned.

Mahovsky acknowledges that the 30-30-30 rule may play a psychological role.

"Some people find the act of exercising in the morning makes them more mindful of their eating choices the rest of the day, so it can have a positive ripple effect," he explained.

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