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10 things you should not do in 2024

10 things you should not do in 2024 RBC-Ukraine collage (All photos: Freepik)
Author: Maria Kholina

The year of 2024 is a leap year, which is why it is considered mysterious by many. All kinds of superstitions surround this year, but what do astrologers have to say? As it turns out, there are certain things one should avoid doing in the coming months, as they may adversely affect one's life. Here are the top 10 prohibitions for this year, exclusively revealed by astrologer Olha Babych in a commentary for RBC-Ukraine.

1. Neglecting physical and mental health

With Saturn in Pisces throughout 2024, Babych advises against letting things take their own course.

"If you sense any issues, seek professional help. This especially applies to our psychological well-being. Meditation, breathing exercises, and discussions with a psychologist can help cope with these challenges," explained the astrologer.

2. Clinging to the past

As we enter a new global order, Pluto, the planet of transformation, bids farewell to Capricorn on January 20. This signifies a shift toward the future, innovation, and radical changes.

"Work on your mindset, embrace new surroundings, and set new goals. Victory belongs to those who become the agents of change themselves," Babych said.

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3. Making significant purchases and traveling during Mercury retrograde

Mercury will be in retrograde several times in 2024: from April 1 to 25, August 5 to 28, and November 26 to December 15. According to the astrologer, these periods are unfavorable for making important purchases or traveling, as there is a risk of errors or delays. However, she says that retrograde Mercury won't hinder travel to places visited before during these dates.

4. Excessive alcohol consumption and joining religious sects

Saturn, as explained by Babych, is a serious planet that may pose significant challenges in these areas while in the sign of Pisces.

"Drug and alcohol addictions are also on the list of issues where Saturn will cause problems. These can have a detrimental impact on work, daily life, relationships, and health," added the expert.

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5. Getting married during Venus in Scorpio

While there is a superstition about avoiding marriage in a leap year, Babych emphasizes that, according to classical Western astrology, there is no such prohibition. However, she recommends refraining from tying the knot from September 23 to October 17 when Venus is in Scorpio, a period associated with turbulent relationships.

6. Avoiding social media

Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, will be in Gemini in the second half of the year, positively influencing communication and social interactions. Babych advises that this is an excellent time for those looking to establish an online presence or start a business on social media.

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7. Gossiping and revealing plans prematurely

In the presence of Jupiter in Gemini, the desire to talk about everything will be strong. Babych warns against spreading gossip and fabricated information, as Jupiter tends to exaggerate and amplify any topic. She emphasizes the importance of verifying news and refraining from sharing personal and intimate information.

8. Rushing into new relationship

Black Moon or Lilith will present challenges in relationships, particularly in the form of trials. Babych suggests exercising caution when entering into new relationships or trusting unfamiliar individuals with money. Signing contracts with partners without thorough verification is discouraged, especially in the latter half of the year when Lilith moves into Taurus and stays there until March 2025.

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9. Changiong physical appearance

This prohibition is also linked to Lilith in Taurus, which occurs in June 2024. Babych advises against making impulsive changes to one's appearance during this period, especially in terms of aesthetic procedures, as these changes may later prove unsatisfactory.

10. Impulsively ending relationships

In 2024, haste may play a cruel joke when it comes to relationships and marriage (on the Aries-Taurus axis). Babych explains that these challenges are related to karmic cycles. While some may not overcome these trials, exercising patience in making serious decisions, such as divorce, can lead to problem resolution within a year, elevating relationships to a new and qualitative level.