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'Wishing to drive enemy beyond Kuban': How Ukrainian army destroys Russian infantry on Bradley

'Wishing to drive enemy beyond Kuban': How Ukrainian army destroys Russian infantry on Bradley Photo: Bradley infantry fighting vehicle in service with the Armed Forces of Ukraine (Vitalii Nosach/RBK-Ukraine)

The crew of the armored vehicle M2 Bradley of the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade evacuates the wounded from the battlefield and provides fire support to destroy enemy infantry and equipment. How Ukrainian military employ Western equipment in real warfare, read in a report on RBC-Ukraine.

Reliable fortress. How Bradley destroys the enemy on the frontline

A combat infantry vehicle, an armored dome on the battlefield, and a terror for Russians. As soon as enemy forces hear the roar of this machine, they immediately flee the battlefield, as escaping from the gunfire of armored vehicles is practically impossible.

Mounted on the turret is a 25-millimeter Bushmaster cannon paired with an M240 machine gun. The combat vehicle is equipped with a TOW missile system with anti-tank and anti-bunker missiles, capable of destroying both enemy vehicles and any fortifications. The frame is covered with reactive armor, making this equipment virtually invulnerable.

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The Bradley is part of the U.S. arsenal, battle-tested in Iraq. Now, these BMPs are being used by the Ukrainian army in the large-scale war with Russia. The fighters of the 47th Separate Mechanized Brigade on Bradley have carried out counter-offensives in Zaporizhzhia and defended the Avdiivka direction. Currently, these behemoths are helping to hold the Donetsk front.

The frame bears huge dents from shelling: the machine has already been through many fierce battles. The Bradley has proven itself as a quite robust BMP with good armor. For infantry and crew, it is a reliable fortress.

Tasks performed by the combat vehicle

Commander of the combat vehicle "Kurt" invites us to inspect the airborne unit. According to regulations, it can accommodate seven people. However, the realities of war are different, so it can hold twice as many if needed.

The crew consists of three people: the commander, gunner, and driver-mechanic. But as the guys confess, different situations arise on the front line, so everyone knows each other's duties, and if necessary, they can easily replace each other during battle.

The main function is to deliver live force to positions with infantry fire support. During assault operations, columns of the enemy had to be repelled. The vehicle has proven itself as a reliable fire support weapon.

During battles, several vehicles move to different firing positions. The enemy does not know where the fire is coming from because of the speed and maneuverability of the vehicle, which can be used in various ways.

'Wishing to drive enemy beyond Kuban': How Ukrainian army destroys Russian infantry on BradleyPhoto: Bradley vehicles move to firing positions (Vitalii Nosach/RBC-Ukraine)

"Once we went out to repel an assault, there were about ten men there. When they heard the Bradley, they started to scatter, but in vain: at a distance of 150-200 meters, we opened fire on them. Some fled, while others didn't make it," says the soldier.

The commander assured that the enemy's equipment could not even be compared to the Bradley. The Russians have BMP-Z in their arsenal, but it's outdated Soviet-era machinery, and it loses to Western technology on the battlefield.

"We go to hit so they run away with their pockets full of debris," says "Rumin," the operator-gunner, talking about his job.

Often, the crew of the armored vehicle has to evacuate the wounded from the battlefield together with medics. But going to the front line is necessary constantly because the Russians keep coming, despite the fact that the battlefield is already littered with the bodies of occupiers. But they simply step over them and move on.

"The infantry platoon advances, we go out because we understand our guys are there. And we're there in 5 minutes! We 'heap up,' fire, drive away, reload. Sometimes we go out to work our sector three or four times a day. With one trip, we can take out a whole platoon," says our interlocutor.

The Bradley's cannon fires two types of ammunition, both high-explosive and armor-piercing. Everything is switched using a toggle switch and used depending on the target. The armored vehicle is also equipped with a machine gun that fires detonating rounds.

'Wishing to drive enemy beyond Kuban': How Ukrainian army destroys Russian infantry on Bradley

Photo: The enemy's equipment cannot even be compared with the Bradley, the military assures (RBC-Ukraine/Vitalii Nosach)

The armored vehicle allows Ukrainian fighters to operate safely on the front lines. They say, there is the feeling that the armor protects them and even boosts their morale. They go out to their positions without fear of mortar shelling and calmly carry out their tasks because even in a direct hit, the entire crew can survive.

"We are very pleased with the equipment. And we want to go out and chase them to the Kuban," the defender notes.

The large-scale war has put us in difficult conditions. From the first days of the full-scale invasion, we had to fight with a small arsenal of equipment that was in the inventory of the Ukrainian army. At that time, we managed to hold on due to the resilience of our soldiers.

Now the world can see a combination of Western technology in the hands of the Armed Forces. And they are ready to defend. The only thing they need is more equipment and weapons.